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Jimi Hendrix once sang, "Manic depression's a frustrating mess." True, so true. "What a long, strange trip it's been," was given to us by the Grandfathers of psychedelic rock, the Grateful Dead. I think that one of the best ways for myself to come to grips with this disease, in my life, is to talk about the frustrations I've encountered along the way. My own journey has, honestly, been pretty strange at times, and some of it will be sort of hard to put into words. But I'll give it the ol' college try.

I choose to put this content in its own blog because it will generally be more focused. My motivations are both altruistic and self-serving, a fair combination. I hope to expunge some of my personal griefs as I go. I also hope to ellicit an understanding for the reader that might, someday, help to create a more forgiving environment for we bipolar clients. I know, even now, that I am putting faith in a public atmosphere that I do not inherently trust because my perceptions of public understanding of Bipolar Disorder are not too favorable. These perceptions are a product of my own experiences as well as, admittedly, my own self-doubts and misgivings.

Another reason I choose to present this blog is that I found an interesting site, the Mental Health Sanctuary. I noted that MHS lists some blogs for other disorders, but that there were none listed yet for Bipolar Disorder. So, another of my double-barreled motives for this blog is to be accepted and listed at that gateway of mental health information. By doing so, I feel that I will be writing about what I know and, concurrently, adding a conduit to other bipolar clients. I want to reach out to other bipolars, too, and learn from them by sharing our realities with each other. In doing so, I acknowledge my dream-goal of laying the groundwork for an expositor, a compendium if you will, of creative bipolar content.

I am initiating Butterflies & Bruises primarily in the first-person, narrative perspective. Again, that's what I know. But I will probably include other types of referenced content, as well. I am leaving the door open to other bipolar clients. I sincerely hope that I generate some interest among us that will yield other contributing authors of any ilk, providing that the correspondent is bipolar, and I welcome any communication with interested parties. Initial contact will be routed through sunfoof, as noted above. Unfortunately, this email service is a spam-handler and will possibly yield the correspondent a message regarding my financial willingness to wade through spam. If you are trying to contact me through sunfoof, just include Butterflies & Bruises, or bipolar blog, or something similar in the Subject: line so that I will recognize it as a non-spam email. I will then respond to the Reply address like a normal email. Thanks in advance for understanding; I'm trying to keep my home email account as clean as possible.

That's about all, I suppose, for now. I wanted to give you readers an idea of what I'm trying to do with this blog. I hope to develop this project into an open, multi-contributor blog regarding Bipolar Disorder, specifically as designed and written by we bipolar clients. Have a good day, and think about something useful or worthwhile. Thanks for reading. Namaste.

To live is to wonder.
To wonder is to live.


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